Ron Jeremy

I rarely talk about male pornstars on this blog and I know there are a lot of women visiting my site. Today I want to talk about Ron Jeremy. He's been a pornstar for a very long time. It seems like forever. 

Have you ever wondered how many women he has fucked in his life? 1000 women, 10,000 women? I have wondered. He first appeared in porn by posing for Playboy in 1978. So let's say that he's fucked 1 chick every day 30 years, already factoring in for any twosomes or threesomes and not counting any sex that he may have had prior to the 30 years, that would be 10,950 women. Say he fucked a chick every other day for 30 years. That's 5475 women and still a lot of pussy! He's probably fucked a chick of every nationality, country in the world! I don't think any man in the world can ever make such a claim, except Ron Jeremy.

We all know that he has fucked some of the most beautiful pornstars and women over the years. He's even admitted this on his introductory video on his reality sex site called: Adult Associate (the adult and XXX version of The Apprentice). It doesn't appear that his sexual drive is slowing down, either. Even at the age of 54, he is still fucking young hot pornstar babes.

Check out Ron Jeremy fucking this black chick in these photos.

Posted on: Monday April 30, 2007

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